My preferred pocket calendar themes

I'm happy about each pocket calendar, which I got from my friends and exchange partners!

It's all the same,

whether the calendar is old or new,

tip-top or something broken or

with handwritten notes on it.

First of all, it is very important, that you thought on me and my hobby !

Yes, of course, for my collection I look only for tip top, brand-new pocket calendars, but it's sometimes hardly to find older calendars in this perfect condition.
Therefore, I sort also calendars with 'little mistakes' into my collection and exchange these, if I find it in a better condition later.

If I'm honest, I'm only interested in calendars with nice pictures on it.
Each well made advertisement on calendars!

The calendar on the backside is not so interesting for me, only if the calendar is very, very, very old ... :-)

My favorites are the following assembly areas:


and of course

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